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The Million Dollar Album!

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Hi! my name is Mumo and I am a composer. You’re probably wondering what this is all about…well, Reflections is my new album, and it costs only $1 to buy. This includes all 10 tracks, with a digital booklet. Music has been my life for the past 12 years, having striven to develop my own sound and identity as a composer.

You can sample each track by clicking the play button, and when you’re ready, simply click ‘BUY’ on the playlist below and you will be directed to a secure PayPal checkout. PS* Feel Free to Share this with your friends also 🙂

Thanks so much, and enjoy the music!
Feel. Listen.


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Author: Mumo

Mumo is a Kenyan born composer based in Portland, Oregon. During his early childhood and teenage years, Mumo, while growing up in Chicago, played the cello and took recorder lessons. However, the family moved back to Kenya and that meant Mumo had to leave the cello behind in the US. He vowed however to keep learning music, but it became a challenge and the interest in classical music faded away until he joined Kenyan alternative Hip Hop group, The Paramedikz as rapper and producer. It was here that he began to work with electronic sounds and fusing them with orchestral instruments and hip hop break, sometimes even trip beats. The Paramedikz did two albums and the group ventured out into solo projects. Mumo focused more on reviving his classical music interest, and landed a job as the in-house producer at Full House Music, Kenya a position he held from January, 2010 to December, 2011. Mumo currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he is a Masters student and a composer. He calls his style of music Afro Gaze which is a blend of African rhythms and ambient world music. In this, Mumo's music is free to explore and experiment with different layers and colors which he feels highlight human freedom through the emotion and music.

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