The Emotion and Music

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An African Dream Concert series

“An African Dream” monthly concert is an initiative by the Emotion and Music to further share its music with Africa and the world. The concerts will be held monthly featuring composers, instrumentalists, producers/beat makers who will perform their music for a live and virtual (online) audience. It will be held at various locations in Kenya, Africa and worldwide.

The theme for the concert series will be ‘Dream and Achieve’. This is because we believe that in order to change history and restore Africa from a point of despair, poverty and war, we as African musicians, artists and people should dream and achieve that which we want to see change in Africa. Our continent has been victim to so much needless bloodshed and death, and it’s our job, not our leaders, to bring about the change we want to see.

The world needs to see Africa in a different lens, which will inspire others to rise up and demand change peacefully through art. Each concert will have a different artist showcasing their work, and selling their music both on CD and Online downloads (Free or Purchasable).

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