The Emotion and Music

Feel. Listen.

About The Emotion and Music


Mission Statement:
Our mission is to support and preserve African art music with the help of gifted African traditional and modern musicians.

Vision statement:
The Emotion and Music is a recording label committed to preserving and inspiring emotion in music in Africa.

Feel. Listen

The Emotion and Music is a recording Label for Composers, Producers, and Instrumentalists. We specialize in instrumental music for singers, poets, rappers, films, documentaries, and other theme-styled artistic ventures.

We believe music carries with it emotion which the audience connects with in a song, or visual presentation. As an African recording label, we are keen on recognizing the arts in Africa and therefore are seeking self-driven African composers, producers/beat makers and traditional and modern instrumentalists.

The Emotion and Music also provides music for artists as well as corporate companies looking for theme-styled music, jingles and/or full-length soundtracks. As a recording label, we accept demos from up-coming composers, producers/beat makers and instrumentalists. Unfortunately, we do not accept demos from vocal artists (i.e. singers, poets, rappers, etc.).

Our Motto is “Feel. Listen.” This is because we believe music is supposed to be felt and the emotion that the musician had while writing the music, experienced by the audience/listener. Feeling and listening are both human senses of which music appeals to the most. Without either, music is just noise.

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